Healthline: Treating Your Dog with CBD

As I’ve begun writing more about cannabis and CBD—regularly for Leafly since 2016, and as a staff writer for CannabisMD in the last few months—I’ve enjoyed combining topics in the green space with other areas of interest like music, tourism, and of course, dogs! I’ve become a bit of an expert on dogs and CBD oil through all the research I’ve done about its effects on our furry friends. Hopefully, this article for Healthline is useful to those of you out there considering which CBD products are best for your pet, what dosages to abide by, concerns about pet safety, and more.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind, we only know a little bit about CBD thus far and it is largely unregulated by the FDA—so exercise caution, do your research, be conservative, and know that I am not suggesting CBD is a cure-all or something you should use in place of traditional medicine.

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