Gossip Girl here

Hey world, its Gossip Girl.

I’m not a good show, in fact, I’m despicable. But still, I’m remarkably addicting. Why?  Well, Alexa has been watching it for two reasons: 1) she thinks it would be amazing if Serena finally choked Blair with one of her stupid argile neck scarves and more importantly, 2) she enjoys how it’s a giant scavenger hunt of all the ridiculous messages that popular TV tries to shove down our throats.

Alexa is fond of the following example.

In one of the early episodes, Jenny, a 14-year-old freshman just desperate to fit in, weasles her way into a party of popular kids. Once there, she gets lured outside by the much older skeeze-ball Chuck Bass and he begins to get physical with her against her will. That’s right, she is resisting and yet he is relentlessly trying to get in her pants. Even after Jenny is rescued from the grasp of this sicko, everyone acts as if nothing that happened was wrong and Jenny just blames herself for believing he would, “just want to talk.” Alexa wants to note that Chuck just tried to RAPE Jenny and all the characters act like it’s par for the course.

Alexa wants to make sure she’s being clear. Not only is the CW telling male audiences that girls will eventually give in to them if they pressure them enough for sex but also that it’s all on her if she does get taken advantage of. And CW thinks it’s fine to communicate that young men shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions, that it doesn’t matter because boys aren’t going to end up pregnant, that boys will be boys.

Man, do the messages in my show smell like a giant pile of manure.

Guys, despite what happens on my show I think it is important for you to analyze how you treat women, and more importantly, how you are portrayed by the media. Don’t be this stereotype. Rise above it.

And in general, I hope my audience watches my show with a grain of salt!

You know you love me, xoxo,

Gossip Girl

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