If ya’ll go by the Romans, we are days from the new year. And as many do before hanging up the new calendar, I’ve been reflecting on what 2012 has shown me. Here are the important highlights:

1. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. A favorite song of mine refrains, “my love’s too big for you.” It can be so true. If someone can’t meet your heart half-way, it is best to let them go.

2.If you aren’t into reading something–it’s not you, it’s the book. Find something that interests you more rather than forcing yourself to drudge through Moby Dick. Who care’s if it’s a “classic?”

3. Friends drift apart, and that’s okay. You don’t have to try so hard to keep every person you ever met in your life. Some may stay, some may leave and reappear, and others may disappear completely. Let life dictate that game of musical chairs. All you need to remember is to make effort with the people that miss you when you’re not around. They’re the one’s who deserve your energy.

4. People need boundaries just like yards need fences. You sure as hell have the right to tell the crazy, the dangerous, and the mean to keep out!

5. Take risks. It’s so cliche, but I’m telling you it’s so freaking LIBERATING. I went streaking with my entire dorm floor. I read in my first poetry reading. I told someone how they really made me feel. I started writing songs, recording and sharing them with others. I asked out a cute brunette from my English class. I started sharing my writing on this blog. No, it hasn’t been all peaches and cream, but life has never been so exciting!

6. If you are lonely or sad or frustrated enough to call an ex, don’t. But do take a nap. A good sleep will remind you why they’re an ex to begin with.

7.We are all worthy of what we want, but whether or not we believe in our own worth dictates if we will get what we want. Confused? I’ll be clearer: our success is a self-fulfilling prophecy. For instance,  I never thought my writing was good enough to share and I never called myself a “writer.” But when I started identifying as a writer I noticed that inspiration and opportunity revealed themselves to me.

8. There is a song to get you through any and every situation. And once you find it, repeat it as many times as you need. Let it be your 24/7 anthem without an ounce of shame. Music is solace.

9. Never underestimate the power of emotional stress on your alcohol tolerance! Good lord, that was a rough night.

10. Tom Cochrane knew it all along: Life is a highway. And like any well-traveled road, life is full of potholes. Embrace the mistakes and hardships and stay positive. Who know’s where you might end up because of them?

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