Chivalry is Not Dead

Lately, I had begun to doubt if gentlemen truly existed, especially in light of the last two guys I’ve spent one on one time with this fall.

1) Asshole guy with giant ego who legitimately insulted me to my face.

2) Mr.Over-Eager with a case of bad pick-up lines.

But then I hung out with this guy yesterday, and sheesh. (I’m trying to play it cool, but I just had to blog about this.)

He opened the door for me every single time. He paid for me every single time. He complimented me and never once made me feel bad about myself. He didn’t try to put the moves on me like I’m just some piece of ass. No, he hugged me goodnight and texted me a sweet ‘thanks again’ after he dropped me off. (Thank me? Are you kidding?! Thank you!)

Earlier in the day we discussed how people can be so deceitful, mean and awful. And yes, lately, I’ve noticed they really really can be. But then I spend time with him and I remember how kind, humble, and fun people can be too. So don’t ever think chivalry is dead, because it isn’t. Good people are hard to find, but they’re out there. It’s confirmed to me again that we should never settle or make excuses for jerks. I’m thankful for that reminder.

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