Valentine’s Day

Your sweet burst of laughter made me bubbly and pink and

I stirred in the wooden booth letting my cheek clank against my palm.

I watched your tongue, a shiny Maraschino cherry, and

played with the plastic straw between my teeth as I sipped your story in. 

The table was a dutiful chaperone, forcing distance between us and 

I couldn’t imagine being any further from you,

That was before things went flat and

I had to fathom the mileage between

your Hannover and my Bellingham 

And then I was distracted by your full suit and

How my polka dot dress resembled my heartbeat

Both flouncing as I reached for your hand

Now I can’t wear either thoughtlessly 

And when the waitress nudged me,

she clasped her hands together like a child mimicking her schoolteacher and

her eyes effervesced with a picture perfect plea

           You’re not a bother. Of course you can.

 We froze our grenadine grins and                                                 




Who could blame her for wanting to capture something?

ice melts

smiles fade

people leave


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