Electric lady luck

My index finger stuck in the socket of this new machine 

It startles my brain waves

As a hairdryer dropped in my bath would

I’m still buzzing, blipping, beeping

Was that real?

Electric elocution

The mechanics of your words shocked my face bright last night

I waited for every bulb to string from your mouth like Christmas garland

Their enumerable possibilities wrapped around me

Every hair on my body rose like stiff wire 

Electric eccentricities

Your hand was iron hot, smoothing every wrinkle in your hair, your skin, your shirt

Our elbows touching on the armrest, I wondered when the machine would falter

I waited for the gears to creak in defiance, for the engine to overheat

But everything worked well-oiled and efficient

So tell me, should we rely on what it seems,

even if we don’t really understand this machine?

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