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City Arts: Every Night, Every Day

(Published in CityArts) Underneath the iconic red Farmer’s Market sign, among flying fish, fresh-cut tulips, steaming cinnamon rolls and tourists with outstretched camera phones—that’s where you find “the spot.” Early … Continue reading

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Smartists: Esperanza Spalding

Musician Esperanza Spalding would rather handwrite me a letter. She admits this while fiddling with her mic that’s causing loud static in my phone receiver. I tease her, “Shouldn’t one … Continue reading

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10 Seattle Acts/Shows from 2015 That Floored Me But I Couldn’t Write About

Happy Holidays Everyone! I want to start this post by saying that this has been probably the most successful year in my writing career yet and I extremely grateful to … Continue reading

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Smartists: Mindie Lind

(Article link, here) Mindie Lind’s music glistens with intention, deliberation and style, and yet she says for the longest time she wasn’t conscious of her musicality. For all intents and … Continue reading

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City Arts: Fired Up

(Like to article, here) The last time Whitney Lyman performed at Barboza, the half-empty audience was freezing its collective ass off, fighting blasts from the industrial fans that the venue … Continue reading

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Fretboard Journal: An Interview with Margaret Glaspy

(Link to article, here.) The first thing you notice is her voice. Singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy sounds both lilting and childlike, like some sort of cross between Joanna Newsom and Madeleine … Continue reading

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Crossing Guide Magazine: Merriment at Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park  

(Crossing Guide Magazine, Girl and Dog Column) By Alexa Peters Posted on August 28, 2015 in Adventure, Highlights My name is Alexa and I have a six-year-old Golden Retriever named … Continue reading

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